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Updated: Sep 12, 2023

A picture of the swinging bridge located in Wayne County, Kentucky that crosses over a section of the Little South Fork River
Freedom Swinging Bridge

“I’m not sure….go right…try that road.” Small tunnels of light peeked through the green tree canopy shading us from the hot summer sun as we drove alongside a dry creek bed…. “Nah, this cannot be right….wait, wait, I see water, keep driving!”

This was our first adventure to one of Wayne County’s three large swinging bridges several years ago before the signage went up. You’ll see a pic of the signs at the bottom of the page, and they now clearly mark the way (but some have been stolen, so don't count on those). But even still, when you get to any of the three bridges, you will feel like you have been on a one-of-a-kind backroad adventure and discovered the pot of gold at the end of a true country road rainbow.

Wayne County is, geographically, a very large county and that provides (even residents) the opportunity to be surprised now and again by the landscape and the hidden gems embedded deep within. The swinging bridges of Wayne County are three diamonds that you definitely want to visit.

The bridges are perfect any time but I particularly enjoy taking my children and the dogs down on hot summer days during the week. The typically shallow water allows you to walk around in the creek looking at tiny fish and crawdads, and if you walk far enough, one direction or the other, you will find a pretty decent swimming hole. The swinging bridges themselves, in my opinion are secondary to the splendor and raw natural beauty of the area. All three of the bridges have been recently reconstructed and are an absolute joy to walk across and look over at any age.

Swinging Bridge at Green Ford.  Drive right past this and you can even  cross the creek in your vehicle.
Green Ford Swinging Bridge

And please don’t think just because you have seen one of them, you have seen them all. It simply does not work that way. Each bridge provides a different view of our great county on the way in and scenic views once you are there. You must see them all.

If you go, or have any tips/tricks/photos/suggestions, please drop a comment below and let us know what you think!

Directions to the Swinging Bridges

Directions from Monticello:

Freedom Swinging Bridge: Take E KY 92 to Hwy 776. Turn left onto Hwy 776 and stay with that route. Hwy 776 will go right. Follow 776 until state maintenance ends. Continue straight onto the Freedom Road. When you get to the Freedom Church, stay left to the bridge.

Ritner Swinging Bridge: Take E KY 92 to Hwy 776. Turn left onto Hwy 776 and stay on that route. Hwy 776 will go right. Follow 776 to the Ritner Road. Turn right and follow the Ritner Road to the river.

Greenford Swinging Bridge: Take E. KY 92 to Hwy 1756. Turn right and follow Hwy 1756 to the Greenford/Pamleysville Road intersection. Keep straight on the Greenford Road. Follow the road to the bridge.

Please Note: Each of these bridges are located at the end of small winding roads. In the purebred nature of a true backroad, you will encounter gravel roads, one lane areas, and blind hills. Please drive with caution, stick to your side. lookout for wildlife, and be courteous to locals who live in the area.

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