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Waterfalls &

This guide is by not comprehensive of the entire lake.  There are popular boat hangouts all over Lake Cumberland and new sites popularize every summer.  These are a few of the popular spots that we know near or in Wayne County waters along with a waterfall guide.  There are other waterfalls as well, and we always love hearing about these beauties. Please follow us on facebook and share!  

1.  76 Falls.  Long time popular spot on Lake Cum berland.  Moderate crowd on any day.  Best (maybe only consistent) waterfall to swim under.

Springs. Multiple waterfalls.

2.  White Oak.  A popular hangout that circles around 

     a peninsula.  Close to Conley Bottom.

3.  Harmon Creek.  The party spot on Lake Cumber

     land.  Huge crowds on Holiday and special event 


4.  Town Creek Falls.  You actually cannot make this 

     by boat, but if you’re in Monticello, it is worth the 

     short trek down to hang out for a bit.  

5.  Secret Falls. A good component for #7 (Garner 

     Branch or Mystery Falls) as there cove entrances 

     are directly besided each other across from Twy

     ford’s Point boat ramp.  The water gets very shal

     low here and is not easy to navigate for inexperi

     enced boat drivers.  Ideal for kayaks.

6.  A popular small gathering boat hang out on the 

     way to the waterfalls.  You may spot kayaks or 

     people jumping off small cliffs here (we do not rec

     ommend that and you may be cited by law en

     forcement if you choose to jump).  

7.  Garner Branch or Mystery Falls.  One of the most popular waterfalls on Lake Cumberland.  Located in a short cover.  May have to walk bank or swim to reach the foot of it. 


9.  Sid Bell Falls.  Popular spot where  people gather 

     to swim and hang out at the waterfalls which 

     varies greatly throughout the season dependent 

     upon lake levels.

10.  76 Falls.  Long time popular spot on Lake Cum

       berland.  Moderate crowd on any day.  Best 

       (maybe only) waterfall to swim under.

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