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The Magic of the Black Mountain Jamboree Music Festival at Hidden Ridge Camping on Lake Cumberland


Secretly tucked in the backroad outskirts of picturesque Monticello, Kentucky, lies a hidden gem that music enthusiasts and nature lovers alike hold dear to their hearts - the Black Mountain Jamboree. This boutique music festival is hosted at the tranquil Hidden Ridge Campground on the shores of Lake Cumberland, this annual event promises an unforgettable experience for visitors of all ages.

Post entry
Entrance to Black Mountain Jamboree

Hidden Ridge Camping boasts unique natural beauty, providing a fun camping experience with yurts, cabins and campers on Lake Cumberland and is the host of this unique music festival. With multiple trails traversing the moderate terrain to the serene waters of Lake Cumberland, the venue provides a breathtaking and fun backdrop for the festivities.

Concert Poster hanging on seating
Official Poster for Black Mountain Jamboree hanging by the amphitheater seating

https://www.blackmountainjamboree.com/At the heart of the Jamboree is, of course, the music. The event features an eclectic lineup of talented musicians spanning various genres. At the jamboree, you will enjoy a curated lineup of rising Americana, rock and country acts. Featured artists at this year's jamboree: The Nude Party, Joslyn and The Sweet Compression, DeeOhGee, Bee Taylor, The Minks, Eric Bolander, The Local Honeys, MOJOTHUNDER, Gabe Lee, King Margo, Maggie Lander, In The Pines, Lucas Wayne, and Travis Harris & The West Coast Turnarounds. With performances staged against the stunning woodland panorama, attendees are treated to an immersive auditory and visual experience.

Girl playing lead guitar in band
Late evening set at the BMJ

The Black Mountain Jamboree prides itself on being a family-friendly affair. In addition to the musical performances, a wide array of activities ensures there's something for everyone to enjoy. From arts and crafts for the kids, to scenic hikes, fishing and fun on the water during the day to hula hoops and hammocks in the woods at night, the Jamboree is a weekend of wholesome entertainment that gives you all that natural sensory cement to keep those memories close for a lifetime.

Dog watching outdoor concert
Dogs are not only welcome but loved

Outdoor seating
Festival attendees settled in for a night of music

Beyond the music and recreation, the Jamboree serves as a celebration of the vibrant local culture. Artisan vendors, food trucks, and craft stalls showcase the talent and creativity of the local community, offering attendees a taste of the region's rich southern and Appalachian heritage.

Female artist painting on an easel outdoors
Local artist creates a live painting

For those seeking a truly immersive experience, Hidden Ridge Campground offers a range of camping options. Whether you prefer RV hookups, tent sites, or cabin rentals, spending the night under the starlit Kentucky sky adds a touch of adventure to the Jamboree.

cars and tents lined up in a field
Park and camp options at Hidden Ridge Camping where the Black Mountain Jamboree is held

The Black Mountain Jamboree at Hidden Ridge Campground is more than just a music festival; it's an experience that combines the best of Kentucky's musical heritage with the natural beauty that surrounds it. From the enchanting backdrop of Lake Cumberland to the diverse lineup of musicians, this event leaves an indelible mark on the hearts of all who attend. So mark your calendars and join us for a weekend of music, nature, and community at the next Black Mountain Jamboree.

amphitheater seating for a concert
BMJ attendees watching musical acts on the main stage

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